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February 24, 2024
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We are Proud to Present the Ted Tanouye Memorial
~~~  We are Proud to Present the Ted Tanouye Memorial  ~~~
Wednesday, July 7, 2004
On Wednesday, July the 7th over 600 people gathered to assist THSAA and the Ted Tanouye Memorial Foundation dedicate the Memorial build for Ted Tanouye, THS Class of 1938. Ted is the only citizen of the City of Torrance to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Retired General Eric Shinseki was the Keynote Speaker. We were honored to have living Medal of Honor receiptant retired Colonel Lewis Millett attend the ceremony. Louis Zamperini lead the Pledge of Alliance, with music provided by the THS Marching Alliance and a vintage WWII airplane flyover arranged by Dave Pierson. The crowd included members of the Tanouye family, THS Alumni, students, staff, teachers, the Mayor, City Council, numerous Department Heads and staff from the City of Torrance, Torrance Unified School District Board Members, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents, current and retired United States military personnel, Torrance Fire and Police Honor Guards, members of Ted's K Company and so many others from the local community. People came from Hawaii, Oregon, Washington D. C. and all over California to attend this historic event. Channel 4 News did a live broadcast from the ceremony!! There was a premiere of the documentary on Ted's Life, titled "Citizen Tanouye". A reception followed on the Senior Patio. We are still seeking donations for the lighting of the Memorial and for the Educational Documentary. If you are interested in donating, please mail your donation to THSAA P.O. Box 535, Torrance, CA 90508 and please note "Tanouye Memorial". THANK YOU for all your support. SPECIAL TARTAR THANK YOUS TO; Jim Standifer, Dave Pierson, Louis Zamperini, Mary Merrell, Gene Williams, the late George Larson, Mitch Merrell and Dirk Ryke all THS alumni who assisted with this project. We are very grateful to John O'Brien, THS Principal, THS's Band, NJROTC, Varsity Football Team, Tartar Ladies and Knights, ASB and Service League for assisting us with this event. We could not have had such a wonderful event without all of their assistance. Please visit the Memorial which is located directly across from THS.

On April 18, 2005, the Torrance Unified School District Board of Education approved the addition of the video "CITIZEN TANOUYE" and curriculum support materials, for the 11th and 12th grade Social Studies class beginning in the school year of 2005/2006. This educational video will be shown at ALL of the four high schools in TUSD. The video will give historical background and significance to the life of Ted Takayuki Tanouye, THS Class of 1938, and the events that took place in the City of Torrance during World War II and its impact on our area and the Americans removed from their homes.

THSAA would like to say TARTAR THANKS to the following for making this wonderful step in educating the students of TUSD possible:

  • Robert Horsting and Craig Yahata for their outstanding work and devotion to the video/film "Citizen Tanouye".
  • The THS students who participated in the project - Nicole Adachi, Alex Begovich, Kathy Choi, Tim Froehlig, Talayeh Haghighi, Billy Kim, Heather McIivaine and Katie Webb.
  • Dr. Steven Fish and the Torrance Board of Education for their support and approval of the project.
  • John O'Brien and the staff at THS for all their cooperation in the making of video.
  • Nancy Lyle, THS Librarian.
  • Teri Kuwahara for her work on the educational materials needed for this project.
  • Go For Broke Education Foundation for the use of their facilities during the making of the video.
  • To all of you who have donated and supported this wonderful project. We are so proud that our vision has come true and Ted's life and story will be known by all the TUSD students. He is truly an inspirational to everyone.
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